Meet the Editors

Emma O’Connell

Emma graduated with a First Class Degree in English Literature and has been editing professionally since 2016 – though she cut her teeth on reading her friends’ stories and fanfiction back in the day! She’s worked with and loved manuscripts across genres from horror to romance and everything in between. She is also a writer, which gives her a valuable insight into the writing process and how much of ourselves we pour into our work.

In her “free” time (which is almost non-existent with a four-year-old and husband to look after), Emma enjoys cooking and baking, eating way too much of whatever she’s baked, and taking photos of pretty things. You can find these at her Instagram account.

Ellie Owen

Ellie is a freelance editor with a degree in History from the University of York. Since 2018, she has worked as Senior Writing Advisor for an independent publishing company as well as providing proofreads and occasional edits for Emma’s Edit.

Though she works on books across every genre and market, her heart belongs to science fiction and fantasy – especially the dark and gothic corners of those genres. She spends her free time reading, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and getting far too emotionally invested in video games. As an author, she is represented by Harry Illingworth of DHH Literary.