The Process


You will find that most editorial companies will offer a flat rate per word. However, we dislike this approach to editing. It completely fails to take into account that everyone’s writing is different – it’s impossible to fit all authors into one box. It would be unfair to charge someone whose first language is not English the same rate as a native speaker when their writing would require totally different approaches and timeframes. For that reason, we provide a bespoke service, tailored to each client’s individual requirements, and the pricing structure for each project will be designed for you personally. Please get in touch with a sample of your writing, and we can discuss your needs and start building your personal quote.

Unfortunately, Emma’s Edit can’t cover fees incurred for bank transfers, international or otherwise, but when you sign on, we’ll provide you with a list of the payment platforms I’m on to help keep these fees to a minimum. We strongly recommend TransferWise, which is the platform the majority of our overseas clients uses.

Start to Finish

Below is an example of how we’ll spend our time when working together. Please note: this is given for illustrative purposes only, and the final process may differ slightly.

1. Hello, and a Sample

Once you’ve said hello, we’ll work together to build the project around you, work out what services you need, and make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for from the the editing process. We’ll also ask to see a sample of your work to guide the conversation – usually two chapters or so.

We’ll make sure we discuss:

  • Timeframes – your expectations and availability
  • Service requirements – copy-edit, proofread, or anything else
  • Editorial approach – whether you prefer a more developmental or detail-orientated style
  • Outcome – what you’re hoping for and how we can help you achieve it
  • You as a writer – are there any areas you would particularly like us to address?

We will always provide a short (approximately one-page) sample edit to get an idea of your style, and more importantly, so that you get an idea of ours. Whatever happens, this sample edit is yours to keep. It will allow us to identify the editing level you’ll most benefit from, and generate you a quotation for the service we’ve decided on together.

2. Contract

We’ve found out exactly what you need, the sample edit was everything you hoped it would be – it’s time to make it official.

  • We’ll send across my terms and conditions and you confirm that (hopefully!) you’re happy to go ahead
  • We’ll request payment and confirm its receipt
  • You’ll send across your full manuscript in all its glory!

3. Edits

This is the part where the magic happens. Emma or Ellie get stuck into your manuscript, working to the brief and the editing level we arranged earlier. We’ll be editing your manuscript using Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, depending on your preferences, and tracking all of the changes we make for you to review.

As well as simply editing the text, we’ll always try to tell you why we’re making a change. There’s nothing worse seeing a swathe of your carefully crafted prose butchered with no indication as to why – the editorial process should be both a learning opportunity and something you enjoy! We’ll always give you options in my suggestions so that you never feel backed into a corner, and where possible, we’ll give a brief explanation of the rules behind our changes so that you can keep them in mind in future writing. We also like to give you our response as a reader, rather than just an editor; this can be just as important to you as knowing why that comma is in the wrong place, so we’ll always mention it when we’re dazzled by your plot twists or if your jokes made us snort out loud!

Ultimately, this is your work, and maintaining your vision and individual voice is of paramount importance to us. At all times, you are in control and have final say.

During the process, we’re only an email away if you’d like to get in touch. If at any point we feel that broader changes are needed than our original discussion alluded to – for example, needing a higher editing level, or if we feel a certain plot element or character could do with further development via our writing advice service – we’ll press pause, get in touch, and discuss with you where you’d like to go next.

4. Over to You

At the end of the edit, the manuscript will be returned to you for review, and it’s your turn to have your say. You’ll work through the manuscript and address the comments we’ve raised throughout the document. If we’re working to a proofreading level, there are likely to be very few changes, if any, requiring your attention, but if this is a more serious edit, there could be questions relating to how whole passages should be restructured. (If we feel that you need to add in extra paragraphs or chapters, this is always possible for a further cost covering the additional editing time.) You’re in the driver’s seat here: you can agree with or politely reject any of our suggestions, and we’ll always take your perspective into consideration where applicable.

While some editing companies will end the process here, your payment already includes the time it will take for us to then read through your responses and make the changes ourselves. Not only does this make your life easier, but it means that the changes will be implemented cleanly and correctly, minimising the chances of any errors sneaking in.

5. All Done

Once you’ve reviewed and signed off our implement, you’ll (hopefully) now be another happy customer of Emma’s Edit – ready to be added to the hall of fame. If you have any questions about your manuscript after we’ve finalised it, please feel free to keep in touch, and we’d love to hear a testimonial from you if you’d be happy to provide one.