A Consummate Professional

As a new, unpublished writer the thought of searching for an editor unnerved me. I’d had excerpts reviewed in various Facebook groups, and found someone to edit my first novel, Witch Queen, but although they did a good job I didn’t really connect with them. However, after having two short stories accepted for Zasra Press’s Anthology, Blood and Betrayal, I was lucky enough to partner with Emma and thought, “Ah, this person gets my writing style!”

I reached out to her for a Developmental edit on Flowerface and was more than pleased with the result. I’m a chronic underexplainer, and even though my beta readers pointed out several places I needed to expand, it took Emma’s expertise for Flowerface to reach its full potential and become a fully fleshed-out story. Her favourite words were ‘conceptualise’, and ‘grounding’, lol. But her suggestions were always couched tactfully, and always made perfect sense.

If you’re looking for a consummate professional who’s also a joy with work with, look no further than Emma’s Edit. I’ve booked her for another three jobs this year, and look forward to doing so many times in the future.

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