Emma’s Edit Was the Correct Choice for Me

I started my search for an editor by collecting samples, thinking I’d compare them all and pick the one that was most grammatically correct. Turns out, a lot of editors are grammatically correct; the trick is to find the one who is correct for your book. Emma’s Edit was the correct choice for me.

Emma not only appreciated my novel for what it was, she saw what I wanted it to be, and together we polished it so that I know, when I pick this up from the shelf years down the line, I’ll still be happy with what I read. Her conversational style made the editing process feel more like a collaboration than a critique, and – having just crawled bruised and bloody out of the query trenches – that was something my little writer’s heart desperately needed. She reads extremely carefully and caught logistical inconsistencies that even my multiple rounds of beta readers missed. I always wanted my novel to be ‘perfect’; that is impossible, of course, but after working with Emma I think it’s genuinely close.

Now, I need to hurry up and finish the sequel because I’m excited to have her read it!

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