10 out of 10, all the way

Huge shout out to my amazing editor, Emma at Emma’s Edit. Her work is 10 out of 10, all the way. She took my very, very rough draft and patiently crafted it into a polished gem. I cannot believe how beautifully it turned out. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for an editor. Top of the line professionalism, plus the added personal touch in her notes made the entire process so easy and enjoyable. Not as daunting as you might think going in. And she’s hilarious! She will have you busting a gut as you go through her wonderful comments. I cannot say enough nice things about her. Emma’s Edit is affordable as well. And believe me, she’s worth every cent. I’m so thankful I’ve found an editor I know I can depend on, and I don’t see myself looking for a new one ever again. Thanks Emma!

Tory Forest

Efficient and Wonderfully Kind

Emma’s Edit is nothing short of professional and efficient. Emma and her wonderful colleague, Ellie, worked with me even through my ridiculous work schedule (55-75+ hours per week) and the fact we live an ocean apart. Her services are what made my project possible. It’s what took a passable collection of words and helped me shape and mold it into a story I’m proud to share with the world. Professional, efficient, and wonderfully kind, you could do no better than Emma’s Edit.

Cody Staggs
Author - Light and Shadow

A Consummate Professional

As a new, unpublished writer the thought of searching for an editor unnerved me. I’d had excerpts reviewed in various Facebook groups, and found someone to edit my first novel, Witch Queen, but although they did a good job I didn’t really connect with them. However, after having two short stories accepted for Zasra Press’s Anthology, Blood and Betrayal, I was lucky enough to partner with Emma and thought, “Ah, this person gets my writing style!”

I reached out to her for a Developmental edit on Flowerface and was more than pleased with the result. I’m a chronic underexplainer, and even though my beta readers pointed out several places I needed to expand, it took Emma’s expertise for Flowerface to reach its full potential and become a fully fleshed-out story. Her favourite words were ‘conceptualise’, and ‘grounding’, lol. But her suggestions were always couched tactfully, and always made perfect sense.

If you’re looking for a consummate professional who’s also a joy with work with, look no further than Emma’s Edit. I’ve booked her for another three jobs this year, and look forward to doing so many times in the future.

Christiana Matthews

Simply The Best

If you’re in the market for a developmental edit, look no further than Emma’s Edit. Emma graciously took a chance on me as a brand new author – when she certainly didn’t have to! Her work, advice, and dedication to improving my story is unparalleled by her truly kind demeanor and incredible work ethic. Beyond any doubt, my trilogy of contemporary romance novels would not have snagged a publishing contract without her insight and wisdom. She helped me improve my storytelling abilities, taught me the ins and outs of the genre, and had nothing but patience as I learned and evolved as a writer. I highly recommend Emma’s Edit to anyone and feel certain any type of editing service you choose will result in a positive experience. She’s simply the best!

Julie Navickas

Beyond Incredible

The team at Emma’s Edit is beyond incredible, beyond! I needed a developmental edit as well as a line edit for 16 dark fantasy stories, and what I received was so much more! Fine attention to detail, a big picture outlook, character and plot fine-tuning, and most importantly, love, investment, and care for the stories. I say very wholeheartedly that Emma and Ellie handled my project with the utmost dedication to making them better, and I know for a fact that they take their jobs to the next level. I was blown away by their professionalism, kindness, and knowledge. I’ll be back for more editing by them, that’s for sure!

Kimberly Mann

Emma’s Edit Was the Correct Choice for Me

I started my search for an editor by collecting samples, thinking I’d compare them all and pick the one that was most grammatically correct. Turns out, a lot of editors are grammatically correct; the trick is to find the one who is correct for your book. Emma’s Edit was the correct choice for me.

Emma not only appreciated my novel for what it was, she saw what I wanted it to be, and together we polished it so that I know, when I pick this up from the shelf years down the line, I’ll still be happy with what I read. Her conversational style made the editing process feel more like a collaboration than a critique, and – having just crawled bruised and bloody out of the query trenches – that was something my little writer’s heart desperately needed. She reads extremely carefully and caught logistical inconsistencies that even my multiple rounds of beta readers missed. I always wanted my novel to be ‘perfect’; that is impossible, of course, but after working with Emma I think it’s genuinely close.

Now, I need to hurry up and finish the sequel because I’m excited to have her read it!

Lauren Buck

So Freaking Awesome!

You’re so freaking awesome! I am sorry for all of the late nights of editing, but I am so happy you are passionate about your work and you’re true to your word. I really do thank you for that.

Jennifer Rosa
Author - The Valin of Velarium

A Pleasure to Work With Emma

It has, once again, been a pleasure to work with Emma on my latest story. I found that having a critical developmental edit allowed me to focus on the aspects that really needed my attention, and her copy-edit polished it and made it shine. Would happily recommend Emma’s Edit to anyone looking to turn their work into something they’re proud to publish.

Paul Challis

A Thorough Editor With a Personal Touch

Editing is hard. But it’s a lot easier and way more fun if you’re wheezing laughing, which happened to me multiple times upon going through Emma’s feedback. Her comments are the perfect mix of helpful and entertaining, and I know without a doubt they would have taken me twice as long to get through had it just been an endless laundry list of changes – something I’ve experienced in working with other editors. With her, there was never a dull moment! Emma was also my go-to when it came to editing my diverse and inclusive book, as I knew its content would be handled both sensitively and professionally, all while remaining true to my original vision. She was happy to clarify her more subjective suggestions, and patient and thorough with her technical explanations. Overall I am incredibly pleased with the result, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a thorough editor with a personal touch!

R. L. Davennor

A Great Teacher of Writing

Not only is Emma a phenomenal editor, but she is a great teacher of writing, grammar, and punctuation as well. Every opportunity I have to work with her, I learn new aspects of writing that make all my future tales that much greater and easier to write. My stories are so much better because she has a hand in the telling of them.

Wofford Jones