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Why Emma’s Edit?


Receiving constructive criticism is not an easy task. I firmly believe that the editing process should be as enjoyable as the writing. I bring a personal touch to my editing, allowing for direct communication at all stages.


When it comes to writing, I’m a perfectionist; it’s what makes me good at my job. Your hard work deserves nothing but the best, and at Emma’s Edit your manuscript will be edited to the most rigorous of standards.


With a proven track record since 2016 of editing non-fiction, fiction, and children’s literature, as well as academic publications, for satisfied customers from all around the world, I guarantee your work is in safe hands.

Meet Emma

Purveyor of high-quality editing, proofreading, and writing advice services

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Emma O’Connell

Freelance Editor and Writer

Emma graduated with a First Class Degree in English Literature and has been editing since 2016. She has worked on a wide variety of media and genres, but she specialises in fiction and particularly fantasy. Emma enjoys reading – her favourite authors include J.R.R. Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson and Anne McCaffrey – and runs an online writing group. She does her freelancing alongside managing her household, which currently consists of her husband and two-year-old son.

What People Say

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A Great Teacher of Writing

Not only is Emma a phenomenal editor, but she is a great teacher of writing, grammar, and punctuation as well. Every opportunity I have to work with her, I learn new aspects of writing that make all my future tales that much greater and easier to write. My stories are so much better because she … Read More

Wofford Jones

Critiques That Were Spot-on

Her professionalism and attention to detail was invaluable, with critiques that were spot-on and given with kind consideration as opposed to unnecessary harshness. Emma has perfected the rare harmony of editor/writer communication and is always generous with her time and energy.

JT Salen

I can’t be more pleased!

Her corrections and suggestions were spot-on and detailed in scope. I’ve used other editors before and I can say that Emma really does give your manuscript a thorough going-over while presenting her suggestions in the best way possible for sensitive authors.

Byrd Nash


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