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Meet the Author: Meg Evans

Meg Evans is a certified health coach passionate about wellness. Although she’s a hardcore gym rat, she likes slowing down and getting absorbed in a riveting page-turner. Meg is the author of Enthrallment, her debut paranormal romance, and the first book in the Enthrallment series. When not writing, Meg enjoys a good conversation over a … Read More

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Meet the Author: Brandi Sumey

Brandi Sumey is a Pennsylvania-based author of YA contemporary novels. She is a junior in college at a university in Southwestern PA, where she studies elementary education. She hopes to educate others in the art of writing and inspire the younger generation to love and appreciate the craft. To learn more, check out the FAQ … Read More

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Meet the Author: Julian M Armstrong

Julian M Armstrong is an author living in Brighton, on the south coast of England. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with him since the beginning of his fantasy series, The Chronicles of Tala, and have loved helping perfect these amazing books. His style is a nostalgic homage to the kind of high fantasy … Read More

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Meet the Author: Kat Caldwell

Kat Caldwell grew up mostly in Wisconsin, where she learned what it was like to live in an area where there were more cows than people. Being highly allergic to cows, horses and the things they eat (namely hay), she spent many days inside reading, and soon found a love for making up her own … Read More

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Writing a First Draft: Ten Top Tips for First-Time Novelists

If you have never written a full-length novel – whether that’s because you’ve only ever written fanfiction or short stories, or even because you’ve never written anything! – the prospect can be pretty daunting. Taking an idea from that first moment of inspiration to a fully-fledged First Draft can seem like a huge undertaking, which … Read More

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How to Use Semicolons: A Simple Guide

I have found that some forms of punctuation appear to be an unfathomable mystery to a lot of people, and for some reason, semicolons are the worst offender. I have seen comments on Reddit along the lines of ‘I have no idea how to use semicolons so I generally just stick one in a sentence … Read More

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Seven Top Tips for Self-Editing: A Guide for New Authors

You’ve finally finished that novel or short story collection. It’s taken you months… maybe even years! Hooray! …WHAT NOW? Before you consider professional editing and publication, it’s always worth going over your work at least once. It can be tempting to just hand your work over to someone else, and self-editing often feels like the … Read More