An Incredible Experience

I knew I would be assigned to work with a professional editor for my book when I signed on with a publisher, but I was very worried about the whole process. I wanted an editor that would give me really detailed and helpful feedback but also respect the way I write. I needed someone who could see the big picture of the story for what it is, but also tell me if some small thing wasn’t working.
When Emma was commissioned by my publisher to work with me, I was very happy with the sample edit she did and I knew our working relationship was going to work out well. The whole process of working with her has been just fantastic. She gave detailed instructions about the whole process, walked me through each step, and it ended up being an incredible experience. I can honestly say that my book wouldn’t be what it is without her feedback and input, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs honest, detailed, professional, and very competent editing for their book.

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