Helped Shape the Work Into My Vision

Emma has brought up details other editors have missed which is important but only superficially. I was more deeply impressed by her willingness to do one more pass to make sure the work is the absolute best it can be. Despite our being separated by a continent, she was always willing to do that extra work to make the manuscript a story. The book is now, finally, what I had always envisioned, and Emma’s Edits helped shape the work into that vision. Plus, I loved how flexible her service menu is! For those daunted by all the different types of edits, Emma can pick something customized to your novel’s exact needs. Her services aren’t one-size-fits-all. I’m very pleased and hope to work with her on all my future projects!

Marna Larsen

Emma Should Be the Only Choice

Emma shouldn’t just be your first choice when looking for an editor because Emma should be the only choice. She doesn’t just give you an edit, you also get feedback, new ideas, fantastic suggestions you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise and a true friend to guide you all the way through the process. Her edits are personal, filled with great reactions, smiles and even a few laughs! I’ve worked with Emma over three books now and have never once been disappointed. In many ways, I feel as though Emma may know my world and my characters better than even I do at times! I could list a thousand reasons why Emma should be your pick for an editor, but words just simply fail to express how amazing she is! So find out for yourself and choose Emma’s Edits! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Danny Bishop

Incredibly Thorough, Constructive, and Eye Opening

THANK YOU, Emma, for everything that you’ve done to help bring Pretty Lies where it is now. Your feedback was incredibly thorough, constructive, and eye opening. I seriously feel like I learned so much from working and talking with you and feel more confident as a writer as a tackle my second book. Your feedback is gentle and genuine but critical when needed. As long as you’re still editing, I’ll hire you for every book I write. 😘

Jessica Scurlock

A Thorough and Insightful Developmental Edit

I cannot praise Emma enough, as a debut author she has made the editing process a pleasure. She provided me with a thorough and insightful developmental edit, which helped me see with fresh eyes how much more wondrous my story could be. It was then followed up with an attention-to-detail copy edit to take it to a high quality standard, ready for publication. She is kind, professional and skilled and I look forward to working with her again on my next book.

Estelle Tudor
Author - Octavia Bloom and the Missing Key

A Dream Editor

Emma is a dream editor, and I feel so privileged to have her in my corner. She doesn’t miss a thing, and her suggestions are insightful and spot on. While working through the edits, I was genuinely amazed at her grasp of the story. She managed to figure out what I wanted to say and put the book back on track when my sentences became too complicated or too experimental. She made my manuscript shine, and for this, I will be eternally grateful.

Clare Adams

A Great Connection

I have been working with Emma for about 6 months now. With me being new to this craft, she has been very supportive and has given me some great advice. Despite the fact that she is across the globe from me, we have a great connection. I am looking forward to a long relationship with her.

David Lastinger
Author - How To Do Things Your Phone Won't: A Common-Sense Guide to Real Life

Truly Understood My Vision

Working with Emma’s Edit was an absolute joy. Emma is both professional and insightful. Her detail-oriented approach, combined with her warmth, makes for a wonderful experience. I felt like she truly understood my vision and voice, but also helped elevate that to the next level.

Lina Amarego

Champions Her Clients

Emma is such a genuine person, and she really champions her clients. She fully immerses herself in the world you’ve created to give you the best outcome—but with a keen eye to help you take it to the next level.

Sarah Wendt
Author - Acanthus (WIP)

Exactly What I Had Been Hoping For

I loved going through your edits. You were so thorough with the fine details and insightful about moments when my characters strayed and needed to be hemmed in. Your edit was exactly what I had been hoping for: grammatical shaping-up as well as having an eye out for the book’s content. It gives me so much confidence having you on my side. I can’t wait to share more of my work with you! I really feel like you’re on this journey with me and that we’ve connected in such a meaningful way through this process. I really value the time and love you put into this and I feel like you went above and beyond the call of professional duty in the care you gave my book.

Sonya Blake
Author - Under the Surface

Best Decision Ever!

I also need to tell you that the editorial feedback you gave me made my day. It was very personal and it made me feel like you didn’t treat me simply as the next customer on the list. I like that you focused your attention on preserving my voice. I appreciate that you were making soft suggestions rather than recommending that I cut out most of the text to increase the pace, which some editors do. Thank you for making my manuscript shine. I’m very proud of our work ❤ I know I’ve said that many times, but I have to say it again, I’m soooo happy I picked you as my editor. Best decision ever!

Meg Evans
Author - Enthrallment