An Incredible Experience

I knew I would be assigned to work with a professional editor for my book when I signed on with a publisher, but I was very worried about the whole process. I wanted an editor that would give me really detailed and helpful feedback but also respect the way I write. I needed someone who could see the big picture of the story for what it is, but also tell me if some small thing wasn’t working.
When Emma was commissioned by my publisher to work with me, I was very happy with the sample edit she did and I knew our working relationship was going to work out well. The whole process of working with her has been just fantastic. She gave detailed instructions about the whole process, walked me through each step, and it ended up being an incredible experience. I can honestly say that my book wouldn’t be what it is without her feedback and input, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs honest, detailed, professional, and very competent editing for their book.

A. L. Wicks

Critiques That Were Spot-on

I had mixed feelings about writing this testimonial to Emma’s Edit, but only because I don’t want to share this rare find. I had the great pleasure of working with Emma on the developmental and copy editing for my third novel. Her professionalism and attention to detail was invaluable, with critiques that were spot-on and given with kind consideration as opposed to unnecessary harshness. Emma has perfected the rare harmony of editor/writer communication and is always generous with her time and energy. It was a relief to know that my writing was in good hands, and look forward to working with Emma’s Edit on many more projects. I give the highest recommendation.

JT Salen

I can’t be more pleased!

I was on the lookout to up my writing potential and I knew I needed a talented copy-editor who would work well in understanding my vision, as well as be able to correct me when wrong (but in the nicest way possible). Emma’s Edit was recommended to me by a fellow author and I can’t be more pleased! She worked me into her tight schedule and gave me an in-depth copy-edit for my novella. Her corrections and suggestions were spot-on and detailed in scope.
I’ve used other editors before and I can say that Emma really does give your manuscript a thorough going-over while presenting her suggestions in the best way possible for sensitive authors.
I’m so happy that I’ve already booked her for two other projects.
Byrd Nash

An absolute wonder to work with

If you are looking for an editor who quickly becomes a friend, then look no further. Emma is an absolute wonder to work with. I needed to create a revised edition of my book, and Emma, the superhero, swooped in to save the day. I was ready to give up, and she helped me through the process with fabulous edits and comprehensive notes. She noticed things that I would never have even thought twice about. Lastly, she took on my project last minute with very little begging on my part, for which I will be forever grateful.

I look forward to working on many more projects with her.

Kate Callaghan

Thorough, knowledgeable, and professional

I loved every second of my collaboration with Emma on my debut fantasy novel! She is thorough, knowledgeable, and professional while being so supportive and kind through the whole process. Not only did her expertise help my book shine, she instilled confidence and joy in the process at every turn. Thank you so much, Emma!

Kaitlin Fahy

A Genuine Pleasure to Work With

A writer is only as strong as her editor and Emma has definitely made me a stronger writer. After a seven-year hiatus from fiction I was doubting myself, but Emma provided gentle encouragement while still holding me accountable for the changes that were needed to make my book shine. She is a genuine pleasure to work with. Thank you!

Ashland Pym

If You Are Looking for an Editor, Look No Further!

Much gratitude goes out to Emma. It is a hard thing for a writer to let go of their work and simply trust someone with the story or stories they have worked so tirelessly on, but I trusted Emma, and my stories are so much better because of it. Emma was such a joy to work with. She tells you what works and what doesn’t. It’s that plain and simple. Not only that, but she gives you the reasoning behind all her suggestions. Her edits are seamless and took my stories to a whole new level. She works hard not to change your story, but to enhance it. There is a certain flow that seems to entwine her suggestions to make my stories read smoother; that was the first thing I noticed when reading my stories after her first edits were made to them. She actually made my writing better (and I have no problem saying that). She is a master editor and I count myself lucky to have found her. Emma made me look like a seasoned professional. I would be honored to work with her again. If you are looking for an editor, look no further because Emma O’Connell is who you should go with.

Wofford Lee Jones

She Knows Her Stuff

Emma worked on my novel The Crownguard Conspiracy. She did a beta read for me, and her helpful report highlighted several things to improve; I think her feedback has particularly strengthened the ending.

I also went to her for a copy-edit which I think improved every page of the novel by correcting numerous minor errors and smoothing out the language. She also added comments that suggested possible improvements that were more subjective, but she knows her stuff and I followed her advice – mostly!

In terms of communication and deadlines, everything went smoothly, and I should add that I thought her pricing was very fair.

Overall, Emma is a very positive and friendly editor, whose feedback was always constructive. I plan to work with her again and suggest that you get in touch with her too if you’re looking for someone to edit your fantasy novel.

Eddie Hopkins

Helped Shape the Work Into My Vision

Emma has brought up details other editors have missed which is important but only superficially. I was more deeply impressed by her willingness to do one more pass to make sure the work is the absolute best it can be. Despite our being separated by a continent, she was always willing to do that extra work to make the manuscript a story. The book is now, finally, what I had always envisioned, and Emma’s Edits helped shape the work into that vision. Plus, I loved how flexible her service menu is! For those daunted by all the different types of edits, Emma can pick something customized to your novel’s exact needs. Her services aren’t one-size-fits-all. I’m very pleased and hope to work with her on all my future projects!

Marna Larsen

Emma Should Be the Only Choice

Emma shouldn’t just be your first choice when looking for an editor because Emma should be the only choice. She doesn’t just give you an edit, you also get feedback, new ideas, fantastic suggestions you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise and a true friend to guide you all the way through the process. Her edits are personal, filled with great reactions, smiles and even a few laughs! I’ve worked with Emma over three books now and have never once been disappointed. In many ways, I feel as though Emma may know my world and my characters better than even I do at times! I could list a thousand reasons why Emma should be your pick for an editor, but words just simply fail to express how amazing she is! So find out for yourself and choose Emma’s Edits! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Danny Bishop