Far Beyond the Technicalities of Editing

My experience with Emma went far beyond the technicalities of editing my manuscript. My favorite part of working with Emma was her emotional investment in my novel and its characters. In addition to providing general feedback, she worked closely with me to brainstorm ways to expand and improve certain scenes to make my novel the best it can be. The “why” behind her comments was especially helpful. I highly recommend Emma’s services!

Brandi Sumey

Renewed Sense of Excitement

As soon as I read your comments it was like a light switched on and I could see how much better this story could be. I feel a renewed sense of excitement for the story.

Estelle Tudor
Author - Octavia Bloom and the Missing Key

Amazingly Talented

So excited to have an amazingly talented editor on board for Under the Surface. Can’t wait to get my kickstarter rolling and start our work together!!!

Sonya Blake
Author - Under the Surface

Would Highly Recommend

Your feedback has been so helpful. I loved how when suggesting an edit you tell me why rather than just underlining it red. It helps me with self-editing along the way and allows me to see mistakes I tend to make frequently (silly past vs. present tenses). Thanks again, and I would highly recommend you to my fellow writing buddies.

Naomi Kelly

Blown Away!

I am blown away! Thanks so much for your helpful editing and your positive feedback. I felt that you really immersed yourself in my book and that means the world to me.

Helen Grant
Author - A North Shore Bhuddist

Changed My Mind on Editors

Can I just say how glad I am that I found you? I am SO GLAD! I have never had such an in-depth editing process done with such a nice editor! With my last book I got back notes and some examples and was left to find the places that needed changing and had mostly the negative feedback on what needed to change without much encouragement on the good. I just have to rave to you a bit about how great you have made this process and how much you’ve changed my mind on editors!

Kat Caldwell

Teaches Me How to Be a Better Writer

If there is one area I would encourage all writers to never skimp on, it’s editing. Not only does my editor help to clean up an Everest of mistakes I make, she also teaches me how to be a better writer. Emma figures out all of my ticks and helps me recognize them the next time around. My writing has improved vastly since using her on my first and second book and I wouldn’t want anyone else to guide me through that process. She kills my darlings gently and nurtured my brain-children with a grace and tenderness that shows she truly cares.

Thanks for everything!

Summer Munger

Patient and Kind

My very favorite part of working on my last book was reading the feedback, and working through the edits, from my editor (@emmas.edit). Her editing is amazing but it’s her patient and kind direction that I find most helpful in my growth as a writer. Thanks for everything, Emma!

Summer Munger

Fun, Friendly, Honest

Hey #WritingCommunity, my editor Emma has just started her own business. I’d highly recommend getting in touch with your work. She’s fun, friendly, honest and my books have never been better since trusting Emma with them. Check her out!

D Bishop

A Truly Wonderful Editor

Emma is a truly wonderful editor. Having worked with her for a while now, she’s taught me so much and become a wonderful friend. I would certainly recommend her to anyone!

Jess Postians